The ARC Music Festival Debut In Chicago This Weekend Was A Tribute To House Music’s Colorful Origins

Arc Fest 2022

The ashes of Disco’s black and queer culture in the late 70s laid the foundation for a new genre of dance music that was conceptualized in the clubs of Chicago, and thus house music was born. House is now a global phenomenon that can be attributed back to its Chicago roots and the decades-long careers of local DJs who pushed the genre in new directions. ARC festival was created to honor the invention of house in its birthplace and its debut on Labor Day weekend brought out locals and travelers alike. Perfectly timed in early September, the morning fog burned off into sunny days among well-decorated stages and impeccable sound systems. ARC Festival pulled off without a hitch, hosting local legends and some of the most well-known global acts, all while telling the story of Chicago’s rich history through house music.


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