The Sound

The sound of ARC bridges the global electronic music scene by taking modern house music icons and putting them alongside Chicago’s own originators, international techno artists and multi-genre live performances. It is this diverse programming that illustrated the ARC curation and connected the scene’s contemporary innovators, Chicago’s founding members of dance and everything in between.

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The Experience

ARC extends far beyond the music; bringing the global scene to the culture and artistry that makes Chicago special. Attendees experienced a curated production and art to guide between each of the immersive stage environments.

ARC will continue to be a larger than life experience that will leave you feeling both connected and exhilarated long after you leave the dance floor.

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There are few cities that can lay claim to a feeling, an idea, and a community as their identity like Chicago. House music remains the city’s gift to the music world, a sound that has shifted shape and style as it travels, relinquishing boundaries and connecting fans. Such stands as the ethos of ARC Music Festival.

From the basement clubs of Europe, to the beaches of Ibiza, to iconic festival stages around the world, each setting has had its own lasting impact on the sounds born from the warehouses of the midwest. ARC is the galvanizing force by which electronic music’s vast scenes and tribes may converge for an immersive and distinctly Chicago experience, representing the home of house music —  which has ironically yet to be represented on the global festival circuit, until now.

It is with brighter days ahead that ARC charts a path forward for dance music’s diverse creeds, offering a much needed flagship for Chicago and a new marquee date on the international festival calendar. 

We’ll meet you on the dance floor.

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